15 Jul

Eman Ahmed, 330kg lighter, starts chewing food

Eman Ahmed, 330kg lighter, starts chewing food

Eman Ahmed, 330kg lighter,startschewing food

Almost four months after Egyptian patient Eman Ahmed left his home in Alexandria, his mother and niece arrived in Abu Dhabi to meet the 36-year-old who first began chewing his food after bariatric surgery in March of this year. The ability to swallow food and not rely on the feeding tube shows a significant improvement in its rehabilitation process. Eman suffers difficulty speaking and swallowing functions because of a stroke that also left his right side paralyzed.

“I pray to God to walk one day. She is clearly able to report the names of our close family members,” said her younger sister, Shaimaa Selim.
Eman was admitted to the Burjeel hospital earlier this month after his sister asked for medical VPS health care after a showdown with Saifee Hospital in Mumbai where eman underwent a three-month laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy surgery.
According to Dr. Yassin Al Shahat, Medical Director of Burjeel Hospital Eman undergoes plastic surgery for redundant skin and corrective surgery for lower extremity deformity as a long-term treatment. “Any aortic valve replacement may be required,” Al Shahat said in a news release.
She continues to undergo a strict diet to lose weight, although doctors have not revealed her current weight.
Dr. Nehad Halawa, head of 20 specialists who deal with Iman said Eman is now able to show a movement in the leg that did not show up in the last two years. “She can also sit without support for some time. She looks at Arabic broadcasts on television to pass the time,” Selim said.
Eman weighed about 500 kg when he was raised through the air from Egypt to India for a weight reduction treatment. In three months, doctors at the Saifee hospital say their weight has risen to 170 kilograms.
Due to the constant physiotherapy, the movements of the right limbs are improving gradually, according to the doctors of the Burjeel hospital.
“The EEG made Saturday is normal, and the nerve conduction study gives hope to keep improving. The good news is that it eats over the last two days,” Al Shahat said in a statement.
According to doctors, Eman’s antiepileptic drugs have been modified as advanced medicines according to international guidelines. He suffered a stroke three years ago. In three months in Bombay, he suffered at least eight attacks

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