08 Jul

Destiny 2 Beta Trailer Showcases What’s Included

Destiny 2 Beta Trailer Showcases What's Included

Destiny 2 Beta Trailer Showcases What’s Included

The beta of Destiny 2 comes later this month for console gamers, and developer Bungie has now revealed that it will feature. If you are interested in PvP or PvE content, there will be something to do.

In a new trailer, the studio announced that the beta version of Destiny 2 will give players access to various parts of the game. You can play through the mission of opening history, called back home, which Bungie mounted E3 2017.

You can also replicate the Spire Strike Inverted Mission and jump into the Competitive Multiplayer Crucible. Check out the trailer for the previous beta version.

In his weekly report, Bungie has further detailed the content that players can access.

In Crucible, you can play two modes, Control and Countdown. Control is a traditional mode of domination, while countdown is an asymmetric mode of attack and defense.

You can also try the new subclasses. Finally, on July 23 at 10am PT / 1 hour lunch / 6 PM BST, you can explore the new social space, the farm, for one hour.

However, some services are not yet available online. The beta does not support the functionality of clan Destiny 2, the character’s progression will not be representative of the last match and the characters will be erased before the game’s release.

However, if you participate in the beta, you will get a special emblem.

The beta version of Destino 2 is open July 21 and runs through July 23. However, you can quickly access the preordonnant beta version of the game.

Early access begins July 18 for PS4 players and July 19th for Xbox One players. PC gamers will have to wait at least a month to access the beta; Bungie says the PC beta will begin in late August.

Destiny 2 launches September 6 on PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24 for PC.

The game is going to be considerable changes over the first destination, as a social space that will evolve over time and a new foray is “unlike anything we have done,” according to Bungie.

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