09 Sep

Lack of awareness a major reason for late diagnosis of lupus

Lack of awareness a major reason for late diagnosis of lupus

Lack of awareness a major reason for late diagnosis of lupus

Hyderabad: Although the number of patients with lupus in the city is slowly increasing, it takes an average of three years to diagnose the deadly disease.
The delay in diagnosis is due to lack of awareness of this rare autoimmune disease, experts speaking at a continuing education session for a day at the organized lupus at KIMS Hospital said city.
“Systemic lupus erythematosus” – commonly known as Lupus affects 1 in 1000 so it is a rare disease that mainly affects women. Nine of the 10 patients with lupus are women 15 to 45 years of age. The deadly disease has a varied presentation among patients of very frequent symptoms, such as a butterfly-marked rash when exposed to sunlight, excessive fatigue, hair loss, severe manifestations such as paralysis, heart attack, Recurrent abortions when it affects organs.
The fact that there is very little lupus even in medical books makes diagnosis difficult. “There is no awareness of lupus disease not only among the general population but also among those in the medical community. As it is not included in course textbooks, teachers are physicians unable to identify the signs. If lupus is not diagnosed in time, it can prove to be life-threatening. Because patients have multiorgan involvement, they consult with respective specialists in accordance with the leading system organ affected to an inadequate diagnosis, “said Dr Sharat V Chandramouli, director of clinical, rheumatology and clinical immunology, KIMS hospital.
During the daily event, aspects such as how to identify patients with lupus in the early stages, symptoms and manifestations of common organs, treatment options available and the last existing, how lupus differs in discussed presentation in adults And the pediatric population. About 200 delegates from various parts of the state attended the event.

02 Sep

India cricket team will not play a bilateral series with Pakistan: Sports minister Vijay Goel

India cricket team will not play a bilateral series with Pakistan: Sports minister Vijay GoelIndia cricket team will not play a bilateral series with Pakistan: Sports minister Vijay Goel

India cricket team will not play a bilateral series with Pakistan: Sports minister Vijay Goel

Sports Minister Vijay Goel ruled out a series of bilateral cricket between India and Pakistan. Speaking to reporters in New Delhi on Monday, the minister said that “cricket and terrorism can not go together.”

India and Pakistan, however, will compete in the ICC Champions Trophy in the UK next month. Both teams are in the same group and face Edgbaston, Birmingham, on 4 June.

Cricket Council of India Council and officials of Pakistan Cricket Council will meet today in Dubai to discuss a bilateral series, but the message to Goel BCCI is very clear.

According to the ICC Future Tours Program, India’s cricket team must play Pakistan in a two-way series later this year, but hostilities on the other side of the border may lose all chances of a series of cricket Of India vs Paklistan.

BCCI and PCB have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to join six bilateral series between 2015 and 2023. Earlier this month, the PCB had sent a notice of the dispute to the Board of India requesting BCCI losses for refusing To be delivered in 2015.

At the meeting in Dubai, BCCI acting secretary Amitabh Choudhary will represent BCCI while PCB should be represented by its chairman Shaharyar Khan and his legal representatives.
BCCI Impotente

“We remain committed to the game, but the work does not change: the show can not go forward without the permission of the Government of India.

“After the writing of PCB, we wrote to the Government of India and waiting for the answer. I think the dialogue should continue, so we are,” Choudhary said.

The comments by the Sports Minister today clearly show that bilateral cricket is unlikely in the near future, even in neutral territory.

The last bilateral series between India and Pakistan was played in 2012-2013. It was a limited edition with two and three T20I ODI India. The T20 series was developed and Pakistan won the ODI 2-1.

23 Aug

Modi’s Europe tour: Will India’s FTA pragmatism bring EU out of its shell?

Modi's Europe tour: Will India's FTA pragmatism bring EU out of its shell?

Modi’s Europe tour: Will India’s FTA pragmatism bring EU out of its shell?

The wider trade and FTAs in particular are playing an increasingly important role in India’s diplomatic scene at a time when its benefits are being questioned in several capitals. Modi’s prime minister has shown a strong inclination to take advantage of the foreign sector to national economic growth.

It is therefore not surprising that even before reports in the negotiations on the CJPE (Regional Economic Partnership) has left the negotiations on the free trade agreement between India and the European Union (EU) began to appear. The problem is simple. The EU can really get out of its shell and move to an agreement. The context is provided by Brexit, prompting the UK to promote a trade agreement with independent India along with a contest for the EU and the victory of Mr Macron as president in France which would damage the island lobby in the EU.
It is these events that awaken the enthusiasm of an agreement when Prime Minister Modi leaves for a visit to Europe. Would there be significant progress in a free trade agreement with the EU? The six-day tour will begin May 29 with PM Modi traveling to Berlin, where he will meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Special attention should be paid. The expectations of the FTA negotiations between India and the EU were high, even in the last trip of the PM in Brussels; Minister of Trade and Industry Ms Nirmala Sitharaman is also part of the delegation, but her counterpart did not attend the summit. In fact, later, the Minister tweeted. “In India We hope this discussion is resumed We wanted to resume as soon as possible, we want a conference.

As mentioned above, the environment has changed this time. European political leadership seems to be very open to the idea of a free trade agreement with India. The recent visit of Ms. Sitharaman Italy and an earlier visit by a delegation of Germany indications of political commitment. Given how other EU associations with the rest of the world were not too pronounced for the continent, there is a good indication that it would like to have deeper cooperation with India. But of course, there are concerns? Some of them are concerned about the EU as to whether wider integration with India would help their economies with the best of them grew by only 1.9%. The EU is concerned that currencies are so volatile, especially the euro? These are difficult questions, they make more significant because their bilateral trade with India has grown impressively. From US $ 55 billion in 2006 to US $ 96 billion in 2016. In these circumstances, we can examine the two specific areas of the FTA-eliminating stock.
Financial Services and Investments
The first is the proposed EU-India bilateral trade and investment agreement (BTIA). Since 2015, India has developed a new model in the BTIA, which includes a strong provision for fiscal risks in accordance with the laws of India. The new NAFTA negotiations must take these provisions into account for BTIA.

A related problem is banking, where conflicting positions have emerged. The EU has insisted that FDI liberalization is higher in retail and multi-brand insurance. However, even if the EU calls for the liberalization of India’s banking and financial sector and the opening of FDI in multi-brand retail trade, India has been bothered by the increased demand for market access mode 1 and Mode-4 (ie the movement of labor and people). None of them has made much progress so far.

09 Aug

Pakistan terror groups pose threat to our interests in India, Afghanistan: US spy chiefs

Pakistan terror groups pose threat to our interests in India, Afghanistan: US spy chiefs

Pakistan terror groups pose threat to our interests in India, Afghanistan: US spy chiefs

NEW DELHI: The US intelligence community is said to have informed Congress that Pakistan has failed to stop terrorist activities operating from its territory, a Pakistan-based daily Dawn reported.
“… and because of their failure, these (terrorist) groups (continue) will present a continuing threat to US interests in the region and will continue to plan and carry out attacks in India and Afghanistan,” said the report citing Intelligence of the United States.
“During a congressional hearing on Afghanistan and ongoing war against terrorist elements, intelligence chiefs would have given an honest assessment of the situation in Afghanistan to the war-torn Committee of the Senate,” the paper said.
A transcript published this weekend shows that while much of the debate has focused on Pakistan, we express concern that, despite a greater military effort to defeat the Taliban, militants will continue to make gains, especially in areas Rural areas of Afghanistan.
“The performance of the Afghan security forces is likely to increase due to a combination of Taliban operations, combat casualties, defections, poor logistics and weak leadership,” warned National Intelligence Director Dan Coats.
Coats runs a team of more than a dozen spy agencies, including the CIA and the FBI.
Illinois Republican Senator Joni Ernst Kay called on intelligence chiefs to indicate measures Washington would like neighbors to take to Kabul to help stabilize the region.
“I think definitely an assessment of how we work with Pakistan to deal with the situation of hosting terrorist groups would be essential for a strategy that affects Afghanistan,” said M. Coats.
“Because this is a potentially very damaging situation putting our own troops at risk and undermining the strategy to deal with local Taliban groups and try to undermine the government (Afghanistan). It is a very clear link I think I have to address In conjunction with everything that has been done in Afghanistan. ”
“In addition to more troops, whatever plan might be part of the plan we see, we have to implement a different strategy on the ground in Afghanistan.” Ernst Senator asked Lieutenant General of Defense, General Vincent Stewart.
“We have to get some things in. One, very clear, security and stability in Afghanistan is in the interest of all parts of the region and it is safe for Pakistan,” Stewart said.
“We must convince Pakistan that if they receive members of the Haqqani network, they are not interested in continuing to host the Haqqani network.”
Stewart also urged the Trump administration to work with Afghanistan’s neighbors to go after the 20 terrorist organizations remain active in the region.
“They threaten not only Afghanistan, but not just Pakistan, but the entire region,” he added.
Stewart also suggested “pushing” Pakistan to do more against the Haqqani network and urged lawmakers to “separate the Pashtun Taliban” because Pakistan wanted Pakistan-dominated Pashtun.
“So we need to resume the conversation with Pakistan on its part, not to house any of these terrorists, helping to stabilize Afghanistan and, I think, perhaps, we will have progress,” it was said.

“They consider all the challenges through the emergence of a threat from India to the state of Pakistan. So they organize terrorist organizations … so if Afghanistan is based in India, it no longer supports the idea of A stable and secure Afghanistan that could harm the interests of Pakistan, “he said.

02 Aug

PM Modi to hardsell India’s economic reform initiatives in Germany

PM Modi to hardsell India’s economic reform initiatives in Germany

PM Modi to hardsell India’s economic reform initiatives in Germany

BERLIN: Summer has come this year in Berlin. But as temperatures may not reach the heights of Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to find Germany in the heat of a summer night when he plays + here on Monday night.
On the first of the two scheduled visits this year in Germany – Modi will return to Hamburg in July for the G20 + Summit – the bilateral summit will be launched with a warm dinner with Chancellor Angela Merkel at Schloss-Meseberg, Country Official Chancellor of Retirement. This is a special gesture to point out the importance of the bilateral relationship. This will be the last meeting of Modi-Merkel before Germany does towards the national elections in September.
Merkel warns the United States, Britain, the unreliable partner
In a Facebook message prior to his visit, Modi said: “Our strategic alliance is based on democratic values and a commitment to a global order, based on inclusive and open standards.” Germany is a valuable partner in our development and knowledge initiatives Of German fits well with my vision of transforming India “The continuity of India’s foreign policy is most evident here -. Manmohan Singh and Modi describe the relationship between India and Germany as “transformation”.
Modi and Merkel will convene a group of top leaders here today that Modi’s economic reform initiatives in India are expected to stand out and invite them to invest in India. The problem in this case, from the German point of view, is India’s decision to kill the entire bilateral investment treaty between India and European countries.
Indian authorities said the treaties were badly negotiated and clearly against the interests of India. European countries have asked India to hold for six more months, but India refused, anticipating that European countries weigh heavily with the EC to complete free-trade talks between India and EU. Discussions on the FTA have been delayed and will continue to be the fact that the EU is currently consumed with the Brexit negotiations.
Meanwhile, India has circulated a text of the model investment treaty, which is useless to the European countries that have given this power in Brussels. In the absence of the ILO, German officials said there were no new investments in India that would affect their decisions

Modi must convince them that investment in India will benefit from protections.
Away, Modi said:. “On May 30, Chancellor Merkel and I will conduct the fourth IGC to examine the state of our bilateral relations, also described future cooperation Roadmap oriented to trade and investment, security and counter-terrorism , Innovation and science and technology, skills development, urban infrastructure, railways and civil aviation, clean energy, development cooperation, health and alternative medicine. ” The Indian firm closed an agreement with Germany last week on cooperation in traditional medicine.

08 Jul

VR: Google’s ‘Blocks’ App Should Help Foster Some Great VR Content

VR: Google’s ‘Blocks’ App Should Help Foster Some Great VR Content

VR: Google’s ‘Blocks’ App Should Help Foster Some Great VR Content

Virtual reality is probably not the easiest platform to develop, but that does not necessarily mean it can be simpler. Earlier this week (yesterday, actually), Google launched blocks, a free 3D modeling application for helmets HTC Vive and Oculus Rift that allows anyone, novice experts to easily create 3D VR models for content.

These models can be simply to present a portfolio or templates created for a game or an application under development, but whatever the idea, Google wants more and more people to create VR platforms and want to do so without additional challenge levels.

Part of this level of simplicity focuses on limiting things to only six collections of tools, and this is the short list of tools that is the cornerstone of ease with which you can create amazing 3D models the content of reality virtual.

This includes the painting tool, the shape tool, the racing tool, the editing tool, the grabber and the erasing tool.

Using these tools and headsets and drivers, anyone interested can create whatever they want, and Google stresses that 3D models can be simple or complex, depending on what it is inspired to create. The only limit is your imagination here.

The video above shows some of the possibilities of what you can do with creative blocks, and once things are over, Google even offers a practice gallery on the official website blocks where users can upload their creations 3D models Others can verify how to share, download and re-create in the blocks themselves if they want to “remix” or change the model with a little of their own style.

You can even use the gallery to capture the models and create GIF images of popular creations.

08 Jul

Slapping a Fancy Name on Nokia’s New Smartphone Cameras Won’t Make Them Good

Slapping a Fancy Name on Nokia's New Smartphone Cameras Won't Make Them Good

Slapping a Fancy Name on Nokia’s New Smartphone Cameras Won’t Make Them Good

Nokia smartphones have long been known to have large cameras. Conventional devices like N95 (2007) 808 PureView (2012) or Lumia 1020 (2013) both a camera technology on the market.

But will Nokia’s new Android smartphones be so impressive now that it makes HMD Global?

This week HMD Global has announced a partnership with the Zeiss camera that “aims to define new imaging standards in the smartphone industry.”

The partnership will cover various aspects of the camera experience on Nokia devices, including software, screen quality and optics.

While this sounds promising, since earlier Nokia phones were equipped with Zeiss lenses, it is important to recognize that as you market more than background.

No matter the quality of Nokia and Zeiss names, brands do nothing to improve the actual performance of a smartphone’s camera.

We have seen recently when the Leica brand cameras on the Huawei P9 demonstrated OEM garbage.

The components of the camera are obviously very important for smart phone cameras, but a brand name is not what makes them good.

What made the old Nokia models so good that they used the company’s image sampling technology, which gave the devices a competitive advantage in the oversaturated smartphones market.

Meanwhile, the iPhone and Galaxy S8 Samsung currently frame the package on the camera’s smart technology without any sign of the camera.

The new Global HMD smartphones may have the brand of Nokia and Zeiss lenses, but most of all, they do not have the DNA software that has made Nokia smartphones good cameras.

It will be interesting to see what specific smartphone HMD time decides to reveal more information about the new Nokia line.

So far, there has been a possibly filtered video rumored Nokia 9 with two rear cameras, but it does not have the Zeiss logo on the back. The new partnership could help HMD upgrade the model prior to its launch.

08 Jul

Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA review: A versatile laptop with lots to love

Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA review: A versatile laptop with lots to love

Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA review: A versatile laptop with lots to love

ASUS Chromebook C302CA Flip is ahead of its time. All deliveries of Chromebooks in 2017, including Chromebook pull, can run Android applications natively. Android apps we tested on Chrome and we can see great potential to expand the capabilities of a Chromebook. We really wanted to review this feature on Chromebook Flip, but in light of this writing, the technology is still in beta.

Meanwhile, we can still appreciate Chromebook’s pull of its components and its higher performance. They will cost you: $ 499 for our model (a lower version costs $ 449).

For the money, however, Chromebook Pull offers a better user experience than the popular $ 200 Chromebook, you could love it again in a few years.

To start, let’s go through the main specs for the Chromebook pull C302CA and talk about what you get for the price:

RAM: 4 GB LPDDR3. This is a sufficient amount of memory for common tasks, but if you push your browser tabs or communicate so much, you can hit a wall. A high-powered Chromebook pull model offers 8GB of RAM, but obviously costs more.

Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 515. This is an integrated graphics solution, not as powerful as Intel Iris integrated graphics, but will allow you to stream videos.

Storage: 64 GB eMMC with TPM. EMMC flash storage is cheap, but not very fast. The amount of 64 GB is better than the 16 GB or 32 GB that can be found on the cheaper models. The Trusted Platform Module is a security feature that can encrypt sensitive information, such as access information.

Display: 12.5 inches 1920×1080 FHD touch screen. This is where a lot of money goes. After surviving a colorful parade Chromebooks lower end with pellets of 1366×768 screens, we welcome the full HD screen on Chromebook Flip.

It has a 16: 9 aspect ratio, a width of 178 degree viewing angle and a high brightness of 300 nit. We actually measured 310 nits with our views, but we also realized that the screen dims quickly:

The average setting seems low, while the best settings are high or medium high. Note that the higher resolution means that your icons and text will be smaller, and the screen will also ask you for more of your battery, especially if you must enable brightness to routine routine>

08 Jul

Nintendo Is Releasing A Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Art Book

Nintendo Is Releasing A Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Art Book

Nintendo Is Releasing A Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Art Book

Nintendo revealed through Twitter today that a third Zelda art book is in preparation. Unlike the previous two, this focuses entirely on the last of the series, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

While the company has not announced a release date for the new art book, it shared some sample images from its Twitter account. We show the first sketches of the popular prince of Zora, Sidon, the first designs are very different from those that appear in the game.

Another conceptual art exhibition for the father of Sidon, King Dorephan, and provides additional information on the Zora royal family (though in Japanese). You can see in the photos below.

The first art book Zelda Hyrule History, was released in North America in 2013.

In addition to the conceptual art of the series’ history, Hyrule History offers an overview of the development of each of the major breaks in the series and detailed, where each corresponds to the chronology of Zelda.

It was followed by the legend of Zelda: Arte y Artefactos, a complete collection of works of art and rare drawings from each Zelda game earlier this year.

The first DLC expansion for jungle respiration, the master trials, was aired last week. It introduced a harder master mode, and an assortment of new armor and masks, an element that allows players to create a fast travel point and trajectory system of a hero tracking where Hyrule sailed.

Its most significant incorporation, however, is the sword test, a challenge to the Ordalías Cave that players must complete to make a fully equipped master sword. Master trials can only be purchased in the $ 20 Pass expansion of the game.

The next pack of downloadable content to breathe wild, Ballad of Champions, must arrive for the switch and Wii U versions this holiday.

Producer of Zelda Eiji Aonuma revealed new details about the DLC during a Zelda master class at the Japan Expo in Paris.

Aonuma confirmed that players will always play as a liaison in the next expansion, and apprendreont more information on Princess Zelda in its history. You can get more information on the Balada League package – and see some brief development examples – here.

29 May

World’s first infrared telescope to decode universe mysteries

World's first infrared telescope to decode universe mysteries

World’s first infrared telescope to decode universe mysteries

The largest optical and infrared telescope in the world is being built in Chile, which will help scientists understand the inner workings of the universe.

With a primary mirror of 39 meters in diameter, the European Southern Observatory (ESO) builds Extremely Large Telescope (ELT).

Unlike any before, ELT is designed to be an adaptive telescope and has the ability to set atmospheric turbulence by taking the engineering telescope to a new level.

The future giant telescope installed in the year 2024 was built on the top of Cerro Armazones, a mountain peak 3046 meters in Chile.

Scientists at Oxford University play a key role in the project and are responsible for the design and construction of the spectrograph; “HARMONI”, an instrument designed to take pictures simultaneously 4000, each of a slightly different color.

The visible and near-infrared adaptive optics instrument operates the telescope to provide very sharp images.

“HARMONI” will allow scientists to form a more detailed picture of the formation and evolution of objects in the universe.

This will help researchers see everything from planets to our own solar system and stars in our own galaxy and nearby, with unprecedented depth and precision, formation and evolution of galaxies that have never been observed before.

“The ELT is a major step forward in capability, and that means we will use to find many interesting things about the universe that we do not have knowledge of today,” said Niranjan Thatte, principal investigator of ‘HARMONI’ and professor of astrophysics In the physics department of Oxford.

“This is the element of” the exploration of the unknown “that most excites me about the ELT. It will be an engineering piece, and its size and light weight will harm all the other telescopes we have built so far,” said Thatte.

“ELTs produce discoveries that we simply can not imagine today and certainly inspire many people in the world to think about science, technology and our place in the universe,” said Tim DE Zeeuw, CEO of ESO.