15 Aug

New designer viruses can help fight cancer: study

New designer viruses can help fight cancer: study

New designer viruses can help fight cancer: study

Scientists have created artificial “designer” viruses that can target cancer by alerting the body’s immune system and sending killer cells to fight tumors. The findings, published in the journal Nature Communications, could pave the way for new treatments for cancer.

Most cancer cells do not cause a limited response by the immune system – body defense mechanism – and can grow without appreciable resistance. In contrast, viral infections cause the release of warning signals, which stimulates the immune system to use all available means to fight the invader.

Immunotherapies, used to treat cancer for many years “désinhibent” body defense system and thus strengthen your heart fight against cancer cells half way. Stimulate the immune system to specifically fight relentlessly and cancer cells, yet being elusive.

Researchers at the University of Geneva (UNIGE) and the University of Basel in Switzerland have managed to manufacture innovative design viruses for this purpose. They constructed the artificial lymphocytic choriomergic virus based virus (LCM), which can infect humans and rodents.

Although not harmful to mice, they release the warning signs typical of viral infections. The researchers also incorporated certain proteins into the virus that is found differently in cancer cells. The designer’s infection allowed the immune system to recognize these cancer proteins as dangerous.

The unique combination of the warning signals and cancer cell protein stimulated the immune system to create a powerful army of cytotoxic T lymphocytes, also called killer cells, that identify cancer cells through their proteins and were destroyed with the success.

The treatments provided to patients with cancer have developed considerably in recent years. However, as the researchers report, current treatments are still insufficient in the fight against many forms of cancer.

“We hope our new discoveries and technology will soon be used in cancer treatments and thus help increase your success rate,” said Doron Merkler UNIGE.

10 Aug

How to do the Planning , Practice & Preparation of GATE Exam

All technical students on the common program in the first year of his degree. This is also the stage where they have enough time and exposure to explore future prospects in the various fields of engineering, research, public sector, administration, etc. Students should assess their skills and competencies while selecting the area of interest.

A good score in the GATE exam is a good start for students with an interest in the fields of higher education and research and development. The GATE exam tests the basic knowledge, as well as students applied in different fields. Therefore, they should prepare thoroughly, focusing on two aspects of the issues.

Students should assess their skills and competencies while selecting the area of interest. A good score in the GATE exam is a good start for students with an interest in the fields of higher education and research and development. The GATE exam tests the basic knowledge, as well as students applied in different fields. Therefore, they should prepare thoroughly, focusing on two aspects of the issues.

Learning Resources for GATE Exam

It is very important that students choose the appropriate learning resources as a standard text and reference material under the direction of their teachers and mentors. Students must rely on study materials that can be easily understood. If one is willing to participate in coaching classes (but not necessary), it must be done after due diligence and consultation with peer groups. In addition, there are many useful learning resources that are available online.
Almost all GATE exam questions cover derivatives and applications on different systems. Therefore, students must necessarily go for the fundamental and applied concepts of matter.

Minimizing the Stress during the Preparation of GATE Exam

All of the above can be easily achieved without stress with these simple tips:
Focus on the second year’s GATE exam with its usual preparation for the semester review. You can begin by matching the content of the GATE program with their regular program and reach the depth of the subject to a degree that only needs a brush in the future of that part.

You can prepare comprehensive notes taking into account the requirements of the GATE exam. You must follow the same strategy during the third year as well.
At the beginning of last year, you should check their preparation for the GATE exam. You should then set a goal to complete the rest of the program within two or three months, that is until October.
Once you are clear about the program, chalk out a schedule for the completion of the curriculum and in time.
At all stages continue to collect the subject’s cracks, a separate laptop topic that will be useful to remember the important points at a glance.

Advantage of Topics

Use your favorite topics as their competitive advantage to succeed in the GATE exam.
In the final stage of preparation, you should focus on examination and practice. His continued practice in resolving the previous year’s papers will give a good idea of what would be the real role. It also collects the basics and highlights that need improvement. Solving more and more test documents is the best way to continue to improve the preparation of GATE.
By solving the test documents, establishing an environment that simulates the actual test without interruption, without disturbance and a defined time limit. This is a very effective arrangement, which doubles the actual test environment, allowing you to prepare without any tension.

Candidates who aspire to a good score in the GATE exam should plan their studies with their curriculum as usual, and must spend three months of last year of practice perfection in the above questions.

09 Aug

Pakistan terror groups pose threat to our interests in India, Afghanistan: US spy chiefs

Pakistan terror groups pose threat to our interests in India, Afghanistan: US spy chiefs

Pakistan terror groups pose threat to our interests in India, Afghanistan: US spy chiefs

NEW DELHI: The US intelligence community is said to have informed Congress that Pakistan has failed to stop terrorist activities operating from its territory, a Pakistan-based daily Dawn reported.
“… and because of their failure, these (terrorist) groups (continue) will present a continuing threat to US interests in the region and will continue to plan and carry out attacks in India and Afghanistan,” said the report citing Intelligence of the United States.
“During a congressional hearing on Afghanistan and ongoing war against terrorist elements, intelligence chiefs would have given an honest assessment of the situation in Afghanistan to the war-torn Committee of the Senate,” the paper said.
A transcript published this weekend shows that while much of the debate has focused on Pakistan, we express concern that, despite a greater military effort to defeat the Taliban, militants will continue to make gains, especially in areas Rural areas of Afghanistan.
“The performance of the Afghan security forces is likely to increase due to a combination of Taliban operations, combat casualties, defections, poor logistics and weak leadership,” warned National Intelligence Director Dan Coats.
Coats runs a team of more than a dozen spy agencies, including the CIA and the FBI.
Illinois Republican Senator Joni Ernst Kay called on intelligence chiefs to indicate measures Washington would like neighbors to take to Kabul to help stabilize the region.
“I think definitely an assessment of how we work with Pakistan to deal with the situation of hosting terrorist groups would be essential for a strategy that affects Afghanistan,” said M. Coats.
“Because this is a potentially very damaging situation putting our own troops at risk and undermining the strategy to deal with local Taliban groups and try to undermine the government (Afghanistan). It is a very clear link I think I have to address In conjunction with everything that has been done in Afghanistan. ”
“In addition to more troops, whatever plan might be part of the plan we see, we have to implement a different strategy on the ground in Afghanistan.” Ernst Senator asked Lieutenant General of Defense, General Vincent Stewart.
“We have to get some things in. One, very clear, security and stability in Afghanistan is in the interest of all parts of the region and it is safe for Pakistan,” Stewart said.
“We must convince Pakistan that if they receive members of the Haqqani network, they are not interested in continuing to host the Haqqani network.”
Stewart also urged the Trump administration to work with Afghanistan’s neighbors to go after the 20 terrorist organizations remain active in the region.
“They threaten not only Afghanistan, but not just Pakistan, but the entire region,” he added.
Stewart also suggested “pushing” Pakistan to do more against the Haqqani network and urged lawmakers to “separate the Pashtun Taliban” because Pakistan wanted Pakistan-dominated Pashtun.
“So we need to resume the conversation with Pakistan on its part, not to house any of these terrorists, helping to stabilize Afghanistan and, I think, perhaps, we will have progress,” it was said.

“They consider all the challenges through the emergence of a threat from India to the state of Pakistan. So they organize terrorist organizations … so if Afghanistan is based in India, it no longer supports the idea of A stable and secure Afghanistan that could harm the interests of Pakistan, “he said.

02 Aug

PM Modi to hardsell India’s economic reform initiatives in Germany

PM Modi to hardsell India’s economic reform initiatives in Germany

PM Modi to hardsell India’s economic reform initiatives in Germany

BERLIN: Summer has come this year in Berlin. But as temperatures may not reach the heights of Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to find Germany in the heat of a summer night when he plays + here on Monday night.
On the first of the two scheduled visits this year in Germany – Modi will return to Hamburg in July for the G20 + Summit – the bilateral summit will be launched with a warm dinner with Chancellor Angela Merkel at Schloss-Meseberg, Country Official Chancellor of Retirement. This is a special gesture to point out the importance of the bilateral relationship. This will be the last meeting of Modi-Merkel before Germany does towards the national elections in September.
Merkel warns the United States, Britain, the unreliable partner
In a Facebook message prior to his visit, Modi said: “Our strategic alliance is based on democratic values and a commitment to a global order, based on inclusive and open standards.” Germany is a valuable partner in our development and knowledge initiatives Of German fits well with my vision of transforming India “The continuity of India’s foreign policy is most evident here -. Manmohan Singh and Modi describe the relationship between India and Germany as “transformation”.
Modi and Merkel will convene a group of top leaders here today that Modi’s economic reform initiatives in India are expected to stand out and invite them to invest in India. The problem in this case, from the German point of view, is India’s decision to kill the entire bilateral investment treaty between India and European countries.
Indian authorities said the treaties were badly negotiated and clearly against the interests of India. European countries have asked India to hold for six more months, but India refused, anticipating that European countries weigh heavily with the EC to complete free-trade talks between India and EU. Discussions on the FTA have been delayed and will continue to be the fact that the EU is currently consumed with the Brexit negotiations.
Meanwhile, India has circulated a text of the model investment treaty, which is useless to the European countries that have given this power in Brussels. In the absence of the ILO, German officials said there were no new investments in India that would affect their decisions

Modi must convince them that investment in India will benefit from protections.
Away, Modi said:. “On May 30, Chancellor Merkel and I will conduct the fourth IGC to examine the state of our bilateral relations, also described future cooperation Roadmap oriented to trade and investment, security and counter-terrorism , Innovation and science and technology, skills development, urban infrastructure, railways and civil aviation, clean energy, development cooperation, health and alternative medicine. ” The Indian firm closed an agreement with Germany last week on cooperation in traditional medicine.

17 Jul

5-year-old girl, soldier killed in Pakistan firing, Indian Army ‘reserves right to retaliate’

A five-year-old girl and a soldier were killed Wednesday in heavy Pakistan, which takes control of Jammu and Kashmir, forcing India to warn the neighboring country that it reserves the right to strike.

The heavy bombardment of Indian posts and villages of the districts of Rajouri and Poonch also left a soldier and a woman fighting for life, while the chiefs of military operations (DGMO) of the two countries in a telephone conversation .

The Indian army reserved the right to respond, while all ceasefire violations had been committed by Pakistan, General AK Bhat told his Pakistani counterpart.

Both DGMOs usually speak on Tuesday, but this unexpected conversation took place at the request of the Pakistani side in the face of an increase in ceasefire violations, according to sources.

Naik Muddasar Ahmed was seriously injured when mortar shells landed in his bunker in the Bhimber Gali area, the army said in a statement. He was transferred to a hospital, but could not save.

The Gali Bhimber sector covers the Rajouri and Poonch districts.

The 37-year-old boy was from Tral in Pulwama in southern Kashmir and went with the light infantry of 15 from Jammu and Kashmir (JAKI).

“The nation will always remain its supreme sacrifice and dedication to duty,” the army said. Ahmed survived his wife and two children.

Another jawan JAKI, Naik Firdous, was seriously injured, according to sources.

Saida Kafeel Kouser, aged five, died at the Balakote Poonch, while Shah Bi was injured by shrapnel in Rajouri.

The Pakistani side began indiscriminately shooting around 7.30 targeting the Bhimber Gali area, Defense spokesman Col. Manish Mehta said, adding that the Indian side replied sharply.

The shooting was so intense that the Rajouri administration closed all schools near the de facto border.

This summer, there was a strong exchange of shots on the Control Line that left several soldiers dead and civilians on both sides.

On 12 July, two Indian soldiers died in the Kupwara sector.

The two countries had, in November 2003, agreed to start the Control Line, but violations have intensified since 2016, and relations have failed.

5 Pakistani soldiers killed

Five Pakistani soldiers were killed when their vehicle fell on a river in the Neelum valley after being “led by the Indian army.”

The vehicle carrying five soldiers fell on the Neelum River Sunday, ISPR, the commercial wing of the Pakistani army, posted on its website. A soldier’s body was found and was a search for others, he said.

15 Jul

Eman Ahmed, 330kg lighter, starts chewing food

Eman Ahmed, 330kg lighter, starts chewing food

Eman Ahmed, 330kg lighter,startschewing food

Almost four months after Egyptian patient Eman Ahmed left his home in Alexandria, his mother and niece arrived in Abu Dhabi to meet the 36-year-old who first began chewing his food after bariatric surgery in March of this year. The ability to swallow food and not rely on the feeding tube shows a significant improvement in its rehabilitation process. Eman suffers difficulty speaking and swallowing functions because of a stroke that also left his right side paralyzed.

“I pray to God to walk one day. She is clearly able to report the names of our close family members,” said her younger sister, Shaimaa Selim.
Eman was admitted to the Burjeel hospital earlier this month after his sister asked for medical VPS health care after a showdown with Saifee Hospital in Mumbai where eman underwent a three-month laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy surgery.
According to Dr. Yassin Al Shahat, Medical Director of Burjeel Hospital Eman undergoes plastic surgery for redundant skin and corrective surgery for lower extremity deformity as a long-term treatment. “Any aortic valve replacement may be required,” Al Shahat said in a news release.
She continues to undergo a strict diet to lose weight, although doctors have not revealed her current weight.
Dr. Nehad Halawa, head of 20 specialists who deal with Iman said Eman is now able to show a movement in the leg that did not show up in the last two years. “She can also sit without support for some time. She looks at Arabic broadcasts on television to pass the time,” Selim said.
Eman weighed about 500 kg when he was raised through the air from Egypt to India for a weight reduction treatment. In three months, doctors at the Saifee hospital say their weight has risen to 170 kilograms.
Due to the constant physiotherapy, the movements of the right limbs are improving gradually, according to the doctors of the Burjeel hospital.
“The EEG made Saturday is normal, and the nerve conduction study gives hope to keep improving. The good news is that it eats over the last two days,” Al Shahat said in a statement.
According to doctors, Eman’s antiepileptic drugs have been modified as advanced medicines according to international guidelines. He suffered a stroke three years ago. In three months in Bombay, he suffered at least eight attacks

08 Jul

VR: Google’s ‘Blocks’ App Should Help Foster Some Great VR Content

VR: Google’s ‘Blocks’ App Should Help Foster Some Great VR Content

VR: Google’s ‘Blocks’ App Should Help Foster Some Great VR Content

Virtual reality is probably not the easiest platform to develop, but that does not necessarily mean it can be simpler. Earlier this week (yesterday, actually), Google launched blocks, a free 3D modeling application for helmets HTC Vive and Oculus Rift that allows anyone, novice experts to easily create 3D VR models for content.

These models can be simply to present a portfolio or templates created for a game or an application under development, but whatever the idea, Google wants more and more people to create VR platforms and want to do so without additional challenge levels.

Part of this level of simplicity focuses on limiting things to only six collections of tools, and this is the short list of tools that is the cornerstone of ease with which you can create amazing 3D models the content of reality virtual.

This includes the painting tool, the shape tool, the racing tool, the editing tool, the grabber and the erasing tool.

Using these tools and headsets and drivers, anyone interested can create whatever they want, and Google stresses that 3D models can be simple or complex, depending on what it is inspired to create. The only limit is your imagination here.

The video above shows some of the possibilities of what you can do with creative blocks, and once things are over, Google even offers a practice gallery on the official website blocks where users can upload their creations 3D models Others can verify how to share, download and re-create in the blocks themselves if they want to “remix” or change the model with a little of their own style.

You can even use the gallery to capture the models and create GIF images of popular creations.

08 Jul

Slapping a Fancy Name on Nokia’s New Smartphone Cameras Won’t Make Them Good

Slapping a Fancy Name on Nokia's New Smartphone Cameras Won't Make Them Good

Slapping a Fancy Name on Nokia’s New Smartphone Cameras Won’t Make Them Good

Nokia smartphones have long been known to have large cameras. Conventional devices like N95 (2007) 808 PureView (2012) or Lumia 1020 (2013) both a camera technology on the market.

But will Nokia’s new Android smartphones be so impressive now that it makes HMD Global?

This week HMD Global has announced a partnership with the Zeiss camera that “aims to define new imaging standards in the smartphone industry.”

The partnership will cover various aspects of the camera experience on Nokia devices, including software, screen quality and optics.

While this sounds promising, since earlier Nokia phones were equipped with Zeiss lenses, it is important to recognize that as you market more than background.

No matter the quality of Nokia and Zeiss names, brands do nothing to improve the actual performance of a smartphone’s camera.

We have seen recently when the Leica brand cameras on the Huawei P9 demonstrated OEM garbage.

The components of the camera are obviously very important for smart phone cameras, but a brand name is not what makes them good.

What made the old Nokia models so good that they used the company’s image sampling technology, which gave the devices a competitive advantage in the oversaturated smartphones market.

Meanwhile, the iPhone and Galaxy S8 Samsung currently frame the package on the camera’s smart technology without any sign of the camera.

The new Global HMD smartphones may have the brand of Nokia and Zeiss lenses, but most of all, they do not have the DNA software that has made Nokia smartphones good cameras.

It will be interesting to see what specific smartphone HMD time decides to reveal more information about the new Nokia line.

So far, there has been a possibly filtered video rumored Nokia 9 with two rear cameras, but it does not have the Zeiss logo on the back. The new partnership could help HMD upgrade the model prior to its launch.

08 Jul

Destiny 2 Beta Trailer Showcases What’s Included

Destiny 2 Beta Trailer Showcases What's Included

Destiny 2 Beta Trailer Showcases What’s Included

The beta of Destiny 2 comes later this month for console gamers, and developer Bungie has now revealed that it will feature. If you are interested in PvP or PvE content, there will be something to do.

In a new trailer, the studio announced that the beta version of Destiny 2 will give players access to various parts of the game. You can play through the mission of opening history, called back home, which Bungie mounted E3 2017.

You can also replicate the Spire Strike Inverted Mission and jump into the Competitive Multiplayer Crucible. Check out the trailer for the previous beta version.

In his weekly report, Bungie has further detailed the content that players can access.

In Crucible, you can play two modes, Control and Countdown. Control is a traditional mode of domination, while countdown is an asymmetric mode of attack and defense.

You can also try the new subclasses. Finally, on July 23 at 10am PT / 1 hour lunch / 6 PM BST, you can explore the new social space, the farm, for one hour.

However, some services are not yet available online. The beta does not support the functionality of clan Destiny 2, the character’s progression will not be representative of the last match and the characters will be erased before the game’s release.

However, if you participate in the beta, you will get a special emblem.

The beta version of Destino 2 is open July 21 and runs through July 23. However, you can quickly access the preordonnant beta version of the game.

Early access begins July 18 for PS4 players and July 19th for Xbox One players. PC gamers will have to wait at least a month to access the beta; Bungie says the PC beta will begin in late August.

Destiny 2 launches September 6 on PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24 for PC.

The game is going to be considerable changes over the first destination, as a social space that will evolve over time and a new foray is “unlike anything we have done,” according to Bungie.

08 Jul




A little over a month since WannaCry has spread all over the world in an unprecedented cyber attack, not only the world is also vulnerable to a similar attack, another attack has already surpassed WannaCry on virulence and damage using some of the same Tools.

On June 27 of this attack, known as “Petia” after a computer crime operation using a similar code, has spread rapidly throughout the world as the first malware attack, and even used the same software vulnerability , But from hence, the operations differ.

In May, ransomware called WannaCry has been extended to 150 countries in a single day, by encrypting the files of the victims and demanding payment in exchange for access.

WannaCry could be extended despite a well-known software vulnerability for which a patch was available, a situation that encouraged many to call for WannaCry revival and, hopefully, a lesson learned.

A list of viruses in LHS (High Security Laboratory) INRIA (National Institute of Computer and Automatic Research) in Rennes November 3, 2016, where computer viruses flourish under the watchful eye of scientists.

The high security laboratory (LHS-PEC) in Rennes is a small fortress from which the first studies on “ransomware” and other malicious software emerge.

But Petia had additional means of infection and, much worse, Petia does not encrypt the files, but is irreparably damaged.

Moreover, the way to pay the Petia ransom was inconvenient at best and was quickly becoming no after the public administration used e-mail to confirm the payment provided closed the account. In short, Petia was just posing as ransomware; Its real function was to destroy the data of the computers of the victims.

The victims of Petia are in sixty-four countries and major ports go to lawyers around the world, but the attack had a specific purpose: Ukraine.

The attack began in Ukraine, where the victims are government offices, Kiev’s main airport, banks and power companies.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine reported that their computers were frozen, ATMs in Kiev could not distribute money and workers at the Chernobyl nuclear plant had to go to manual operation.

Victims were infected with M. E. Doc, a popular tax accounting software in Ukraine through regional commitments of Ukrainian sites and, in some cases, may have been deliberately infected beforehand. The calendar can also be deliberated on June 28 is Constitution Day, a national holiday that celebrates the independence of Ukraine from the Soviet Union.

Since relations with Russia have deteriorated in 2014, Ukraine has suffered a series of online attacks on government, business, infrastructure and the media, among other sectors. They even caused two accidents, one of which used the first software designed to attack industrial control systems since Stuxnet sabotaged uranium enrichment facility at Natanz in 2010.

It is believed that these attacks are from Russia and begins when tensions between Russia and Ukraine intensified in 2014. Circumstantial evidence linking Petia Russia.

It would have been possible for the attackers behind Petia to restrict infections to only victims using an IP address from Ukraine, but they did not. Attackers could also have avoided infections with machines with Russian IP addresses, but they did not.

This may have been a deliberate decision to allow Petia extended worldwide to support the claim that it was indeed a ransomware effort. Supporting this story could make mud allocation efforts and convince world observers that the attack may have been the work of a band of criminals rather than a nation-state.

If that is the case, it shows a willingness to accept Cavalier collateral damage worldwide, even in Russia itself, where Rosneft, the country’s largest oil company, was one of the victims. Whatever the reason, the damage has reached a global scale.